Why get married in Cyprus?

Brides and Grooms have a variety of reasons for choosing to marry in Cyprus.

I chose to marry abroad as I wanted to combine my wedding with my honeymoon.  I had also been married before and wanted to have something really different.

I chose Las Vegas, in fact it was in October 2001 (same year as 11th Sept I nearly didn't go) but glad I did and had a fabulous time, but there were only 5 of us in total simply because of the distance and cost from England.

But, from my experience now I would have chosen Cyprus as weddings here are much more romantic and fun! Along with the legal side being simple in comparison to other countries.

Cyprus is a very friendly place to be and our bridal couples find it relaxing and feel comfortable here.  They often return each year to celebrate their wedding anniversaries and also request a family shoot if any little ones have arrived since their wedding day.

For some couples, marrying for the second time, it is fun to have a completely different style of wedding ceremony.  The Cyprus climate is mild and its a very romantic island in the Mediterranean where you can combine your wedding with your honeymoon which can save costs.

Flight times from Europe and the UK are short enough to make it possible for guests and relatives; even those with work commitments at home, to join you for a long weekend or a weeks holiday.  

Many couples choose Cyprus for their wedding destination for financial reasons. The cost of a standard wedding can be high in the UK and the rest of Europe. Many feel it is an unnecessary expense at the start of their married life but they still want something special for their day.  Also in some countries such as Lebanon and Israel Civil Weddings are not held there, so many couples come over to Cyprus to marry. Some arrive in the morning, get married and fly out in the afternoon!

There is a wide range of hotels, holiday villas and apartments offering accommodation to suit every budget.

Wedding are very relaxed here and our couples are always happy to find that when they get here everyone working in the wedding sector goes out of their way to ensure their day is very special.

Best wishes for your wedding day!


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