Where do I start my research? Please read important information further down

Many couples organise their own wedding in Cyprus and it's much easier than you think especially for an intimate wedding. If you haven't been to Cyprus before I have listed below some ideas on where to start your research:

Decide on your wedding budget and what type of wedding appeals to you, the time of year (see my guide on this site for weather and sunset)

1. Do you like the idea of getting married at one of the Town Halls (some are outdoor ceremonies) and maybe having your reception meal at a local traditional Cypriot Taverna?

2. Does a ceremony on the beach appeal to you?

3. Would you like everything in one place i.e. a hotel.  Some hotel ceremony locations are better than others.  Some are more 'public' and will have hotel guests watching your wedding ceremony others are much more private. Some hotels have more than one wedding a day which is fine when they have several ceremony locations spread about throughout the hotel.
I would suggest you choose carefully in particular in July and August and advise you look at hotels with a covered gazebo for both you and your guests.

4.Would you prefer something more private like your own villa? (ceremonies can be conducted at a private villa)

5. It is more expensive to hold your ceremony at a hotel or villa and most are during the afternoon early evening. Town Hall weddings are often between 11am and 1.30pm but you can marry in the afternoon but this usually costs extra. Most civil weddings are during the week but some are offering weddings on a Saturday now and more recently a Sunday.

Many brides and grooms worry what to do during the afternoon if they get married in the morning/lunch time.  How about a boat cruise during the afternoon, or have your reception meal after your ceremony, then go on a bus tour leading up to an evening cruise?

When you have decided what appeals to you the most then have a read of the following decide on the time of year you wish to marry and look at prices for flights, holidays to give you a guide.

Do I need an independent Wedding Planner - will it cost me more?
It may appear that it will cost you more, but not always if you choose the right Wedding Planner who is flexible to your needs and doesn't push you to use their particular suppliers and will work within your budget. Wedding planners are individuals or small companies who specialise in weddings. This is usually their core business and offer a personal service leading up to and on your wedding day. 

A wedding planner can organise your wedding reception at a venue which suits the style of your wedding. You may want your guests to experience a traditional Cypriot setting and have your reception in a Taverna or you may wish to have your reception aboard a yacht or in an exclusive golf club.

Alternatively another option may be a combination between organising it yourself and using a wedding planner. You can book a ‘paperwork package only’ with an independent wedding planner who will help you with this side. You should not be under any obligation to use their services for organising any other part of your wedding.

What do I do first if I really like the idea of organising it all myself?
The benefits of planning your wedding yourself is that you will save money by not having to pay anyone plan your whole wedding for you, but sometimes to have some help from a Wedding Planner is good especially if you are planning a large wedding with different locations and lots of wedding extras. They often will offer you a package to organise what you may find harder doing yourself. 

You will have more freedom choosing where to have your ceremony, reception, your preferred suppliers i.e. photographer, florist, hair stylist, make-up artist - this is important as I booked a package when I married in Las Vegas and deeply regretted it. I disliked my photographer (never got to meet him before the day) my flowers were way too heavy for me, I could go on...

Other ways

Book your holiday and then book your wedding direct yourself with your venue.
Many brides are now choosing this option since the internet has become more widely used in Cyprus. This gives you total control on your wedding day and is ideal for a smaller wedding either taking place at a Town Hall & Taverna for the reception or at one of the hotels too. You can book your flights separately and arrange your hotel accommodation direct with the hotel of your choice.

Many hotels have excellent in-house Wedding Co-ordinators that keep in touch with you giving advice until your arrival in Cyprus.  They organise everything for you, while many remaining flexible for you to choose some of your wedding extras yourself.  

Tour Operators
This is fine if you simply want everything taken care of within a package then this could be for you but ensure you use a reliable well established one. Many brides do a combination of booking the ceremony through the tour operator, then arranging their reception and other wedding extras themselves such as cake, photographer, flowers, hair, make-up, reception, entertainment and transport which is all very simple to do via the internet.  You will often be told that you must use their suppliers but this is questionable.  We have never been refused to work at a wedding venue in Cyprus nearly 14 years, but we do know some that have in the past year or so.

I would also suggest you take out 'Wedding Insurance' to cover any deposits and balance payments and pay where possible, especially on large amounts either by PayPal or use a credit card for extra protection too.

General Important Information
Please note: Not all venues allow outside independent wedding suppliers on their premises and will only allow you to use those on their approved list.  So please check with your wedding venue before paying any deposits.  Some exceptions to this are if you have booked via an independent Wedding Planner.  You can for example use an outside hair stylist or beautician 'off site' away from the venue and some will pick you up and take you to their salon and return you to your venue/hotel.
I have known brides and grooms cancel their wedding with a venue due to not being able to have their chosen supplier i.e. photographer or hair and make-up artist which to me are a very personal choice for a couple.

Please note that not everyone responds to e-mail here like they do in other countries. Although email may appear easier, in some instances you will achieve more if you communicate by telephone. Just to mention to you that anyone working in the wedding sector tend to take their holidays during the winter season as it’s the only chance they have to take a break – so please be patient.

If you are at all worried about the legal side of things speak with the administrators at the Town Halls/Church/Chapel (contact details are on this website and best way and time to get in touch) and ask for an up to date list of legal requirements.
When you arrive in Cyprus it takes around 15 minutes to register everything at the town hall.

So if you like the idea of being hands on and personally involved in all aspects of your wedding then this could be perfect for you.

Planning a wedding in Cyprus is not as complicated as it may first seem once you start doing your research and making contact with wedding suppliers here in Cyprus.

Help! I don't know where to start!
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