What do I wear?

You choose the dress you feel the most fabulous in for your wedding in Paphos and try not worry about the heat and just go for something really you.  Our brides often tell us they didn't notice the heat, even though their guests did!

Even if you have looked at loads of photos of bridal dresses and have found a style you think is perfect for you do try on other styles. Even if you don't like it on the hanger you might be surprised that the style is perfect for you. So often the design you least expect will be 'the one'.  I love watching 'Yes to the Dress' on TV.  There are so many amazing designs now and I love some of the new ones that have a removal full floaty skirt.  I think this a fabulous idea as its like having two dresses. Also the trend in 2019 seems to be more pastel shades and more adventurous styles too.  See further down what I wore ****

If you think you will really find the heat a problem, try to look for a dress in a thinner fabric with less layers in particular for the summer months of June, July and August - temperatures can reach 40 + degrees on the beach with humidity at between 80 & 90%.
A dress in a heavy fabric dragging along will make you really sweat.  A hoop always is a big help on a princess style dress as it keeps the fabric away from your legs. A strapless or backless dress is a great idea.  A tea length dress works well too. Remember sparkle looks fabulous in the sun!

Why not purchase a bridesmaids dress rather than a wedding dress, costs a lot less and many styles are perfect for a Cyprus wedding.

A shawl to match your dress with a little `bling' is a good idea for evenings during the months of March, April, May, late September & October. 

**** When I married my first husband I bought a bridesmaids dress in light blue with white chiffon overlay as my dad was paying for the whole wedding and I didn't wanting him spending too much.  It was lovely and when I walked up the church aisle (I had over 100 guests) everyone gasped as it was very unusual for a bride not to marry in white at that time.
When Jim and I married in Las Vegas I once again didn't have a white dress. I had an oriental style top and trousers and baby pink satin with a soft gold pattern on it and worn gold shoes.  Yes I am a rebel, but I just could not see myself walking around the hotels on the Las Vegas Strip wearing a wedding dress afterwards.  It was perfect and very comfortable too.  I love being different :)

Do check with your airline on how best you can transport your dress to Cyprus.

Just to note that pure fabrics such as silk or cotton can crease in a hot and humid climate. It is better to have a touch of synthetic in them.

A veil is beautiful but better if you plan to marry indoors or in a sheltered outdoor area. They can blow everywhere if you marry on a beach as it can become breezy. Hair accessories come in lots of different styles i.e. a tiara, headband, a side slide or flowers can look dazzling in the sun.


Many ceremony venues in have either flagged or a concrete walkway to the ceremony location including beach locations. Some beaches are more pebble than sand (mainly Paphos) so if you are planning to have sunset photos on the beach, bring a pair of flip flops with you.

If you don't normally wear heels, you might find it difficult to walk in a long dress.  Try a lower wedge heel or a kitten heel- this will give you height without the wobble! When choosing your shoes consider that your feet may swell a little in the heat here especially in July or August so ensure they are really comfortable. I wear wider fit in Cyprus during the hottest months.

Why not choose flip flops with sparkle decoration or at least have a pair for your evening reception for dancing.

Shoes are not normally allowed on a Yacht due to health and safety so please check in advance so you don't spend a fortune on something you cannot wear for long.

Wedding Rings & Jewellery

This is a part of your wedding worth taking some time on, after all following your wedding day you will wear your rings every day.

You can save up to around 50% having your rings made here in Cyprus..  Rings can be designed for you either by email and sized once you are over here or they can be made just a few days before your wedding day.  Or perhaps on a visit some months before and you could take your rings home with you.

Not forgetting the Groom!
When you are getting married in Cyprus during the hot summer months or having your ceremony near the beach it can be a little impractical for the groom to wear a full suit. Your poor husband-to-be will melt in the heat.

A good choice is a less formal lightweight suit that would be more practical.  Alternatively a casual shirt and trousers is fine. Avoid satin or silk shirts as they are likely to stick to him in the heat. A waistcoat is a nice idea; looks smart but much lighter weight than a jacket. Shoes should either be lightweight or if you are going for something more casual i.e. sandals.

Bridal Bag
Decide what's important for you to carry with you on your day, everyone is different as we know from the size of our everyday handbags...

A Dolly Bag (small usually cotton/silk drawstring bag to wear around your wrist)
Clutch bag - this will hold more and your bridesmaid can always look after this when needed.

What to put in your bag?
Lip-gloss/lipstick, powder, tissues, wet wipes, fan, safety pins, hair grips etc. no not your smartphone...

Help! I don't know where to start!
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