Wedding Tips

Low Season Weddings

If you are on a tight budget, why not book your wedding during the low season, avoiding school holidays.  i.e. November through till March. The weather is more comfortable but usually still very warm and sunny (my favourite months in fact).  You have the risk of some mixed weather though, but it will still be much warmer than the UK with temperatures usually above 21 degrees.  Just to note January and February can feel very cold at night and there is a higher risk of rain during the day.

Once you have booked your wedding start contacting wedding suppliers.  Many wedding suppliers take bookings up to 2 or even 3 years ahead here in Cyprus.

You will need to put some money aside ready for booking wedding suppliers as most will ask for a booking fee to secure your date in their diary.

How long should I stay?
As long as possible… seriously though if your budget allows I would highly recommend two weeks, getting married during first week of your stay.  You don't have to be here 3 days before as we have couples flying in and out in same day from Israel for example.
If you are here for 2 weeks I would get married within the first week if possible.  If you are only here for a week I would try to arrange your ceremony 2-3 days after your arrival so you have chance to relax after your wedding day and enjoy your stay in Cyprus.

Wedding Day Etiquette
There are no rules how it should be done and weddings in Cyprus are much more relaxed than you will be used to in the UK.
Don’t get too stressed about traditional etiquette.  Weddings held in Cyprus are sometimes just the bride and groom alone or a few close friends and family.  Intimate weddings are becoming more popular now.  All weddings can be catered for in Cyprus from small short civil ceremonies and receptions to traditional church ceremonies and very elaborate receptions in 5 star hotels. Cypriot weddings can have 3000 guests sometimes...

It is traditional to have speeches following your meal.  But more often here in Cyprus they are before your meal for a number of reasons.

It is too hot to eat early; those giving the speeches are usually nervous and want to ‘get it out of the way’ before their meal and also sunset photos. It is difficult for a photographer and/or a videographer to halt the speeches in full flow to take you for sunset photos/filming.  It’s also worth letting your guests know if you are taking a break for 30 minutes or longer.

Your Guests
Many couple spend their time worrying about their guests which is understandable as they have often travelled a long way to be at your wedding in Cyprus.  They worry about leaving them for sunset photos etc.  Please don’t worry at all.

Remember your guests are on holiday, they haven’t travelled straight from work like they might have if your wedding had been back home. I have never known for wedding guests to get bored. Your guests will have a fantastic time, many won’t have been to Cyprus before; some might not even have been on holiday abroad before.   Also you will find if you choose to have sunset photos you will enjoy that half hour away from everyone as it is likely to be the first time all day that you have had chance to speak to each other alone.  Just enjoy your ‘big’ day!

Currency and bringing money over
Cyprus uses the Euro currency. You will no doubt have lots to pay out when you arrive in Paphos to various wedding suppliers and also for your legal fees.  Most businesses tend to prefer payment in cash and this can be daunting bringing all this money over. Some businesses will accept payment by Bank Visa Debit Card or Credit Card but some will charge a percentage for this way on larger balances.

A convenient way is to use a ‘Travel Money Card’ which is pin-protected and pre-loaded with your budgeted spend.  They are now widely available  You can then withdraw cash usually without incurring any fees.  The exchange rate is agreed at the time and so you don’t need to worry about fluctuating exchange rates.  More recently brides are using cards like 'Revolut' which works well for them.

There are many ATM machines throughout Paphos so you can also withdraw cash using your UK Bank Debit Card but it will depend on how good the exchange rate is at the time.  Please note that withdrawing cash from the stand alone ATM machines can put on charges, even for us here from our local banks - so do be careful.

Alternatively if you are paying large sums of money ask us about a Currency Exchange Specialist based in Cyprus or one of the transfer companies such as it could save you a lot of money.

Tips on the ‘ Big Day’ itself
Relax, after all your planning, the day seems a bit surreal, it’s actually here so enjoy every minute leading up to your wedding ceremony.

Ensure you allow plenty of time to have your hair and make-up done, the time will go much faster thank you think.

Stay in the air conditioning, ensure you eat something light and drink plenty of water.

Please allow some time to get your wedding dress on. Don’t leave it to the last minute.
I can’t tell you how many times I have seen a bride frantically trying to get her dress fastened at the back as she is running late.  I understand you don’t want to put your dress on too soon; you might need to go to the ladies room and you won’t have done that wearing a wedding dress before!  But allow at least 20 minutes or longer if possible.  This way you can really enjoy your dress and not get all hot and bothered while your wedding co-ordinator is knocking on the door or ringing to take you to your ceremony.

Take your time walking to your ceremony location whether it be in a Church, Chapel, Town Hall or Beach Gazebo.  Your photographer/videographer will be able to capture much more for you this way.

Ceremonies are conducted in English in Cyprus and the person conducting your ceremony will lead you with the words so don’t worry.

Keep smiling during your ceremony, you might feel a little nervous and it does all feel a bit surreal, but you want nice photos and your photographer won’t want to interrupt and prompt you to smile during this time

Above all have ‘FUN‘ and take pleasure in your special day in Cyprus.

Don’t forget…
Your legal documents
and most of all don’t forget to bring the groom!

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