Guide to times of Sunset

Please note these are for the Paphos region on the western coast of Cyprus.  
Times will vary very slightly ie in Ayia Napa/Protaras, Limassol etc. but I hope this will give you an idea at a glance.
For a more accurate time if you are marrying on another part of the island do look at the website time and date -

The time of sunset changes throughout the year including when the clocks go forward or backwards.

The table below is only a guide and shows you the approximate time of sunset at the start, middle and end of each month which should help you with your wedding day planning. 


Beginning of the month to end
1st   15th   30th

January 16.50 hrs 17.02 hrs 17.18 hrs

Feb 17.19 hrs 17.33 hrs 17.45 hrs

March 17.45 hrs 17.58 hrs 19.10 hrs

April 19.11 hrs 19.22 hrs 19.34 hrs

May 19.35 hrs 19.46 hrs 19.58 hrs

June 19.58 hrs 20.05 hrs 20.08 hrs

July 20.08 hrs 20.04 hrs 19.54 hrs

August 19.53 hrs 19.39 hrs 19.19 hrs

September 19.17 hrs 18.58 hrs 18.36 hrs

October 18.35 hrs 18.16 hrs 16.58 hrs

November 16.57 hrs 16.45 hrs 16.39 hrs

December 16.39 hrs 16.41 hrs 16.59 hrs

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