Hair & Beauty in a Hot Climate

The climate in Cyprus from around mid June until mid September can be very hot and more very humid. Even during the summer evenings after the wonderful sunsets the humidity remains. Hard to imagine I know when you are sat at your computer in the comfort of your central heating whilst the wind is howling outside and the rain battering on the window. I forget how hot it can be in the summer months during the winter.

If you forget to bring a favourite product here is where you can buy cosmetics in Cyprus. (See my Hair & Beauty Blog for tips about products that work well in the heat during your stay)
Just to note cosmetics are also sold in many pharmacies here too. 

Malls across the island

M.A.C Cosmetics
IVES Rocher
Beauty Line  L'oreal, Maybelline, Gosh, Rimmel, NXY, Clinique, Bourjois and many more.
Beauty Bar
Perfect U
Refan Parfumerie (one of my favourites as they sell draught fragrance from around )

Debenhams - stores across the island
L'oreal, Maybelline, Max Factor, Gosh, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Clarins. Revlon and more

There are several Malls throughout the island so worth checking on their websites for up to date information.

Beauty Shop - Paphos 
This is a fabulous store and is further away from the tourist area in Pano (upper) Paphos so if you have hired a car its well worth a visit if you are staying on the west coast of the island.  Its sells branded cosmetics and toiletries a low prices.  Its my mini 'Boots' that I miss so much :) They have a Facebook page so worth checking it out.

Your Wedding Day 
Do book a trial hair and make-up session before your wedding day.  It is worth it for both you, your beautician and hair stylist.  It gives you chance to make any changes and will prevent you becoming stressed and having your make-up and hair re-done on your day.

I would encourage you to have your make-up and hair done by a professional on your wedding day as they are experienced and know how to ensure you look fabulous in the hot climate. We have many fantastic hair and beauty professionals here and most speak English.
You will find it less expensive than buying a load of new products you might not have practiced with before.  Just remember even if it says long-wear many do not last during the hot and humid summers here - I have tried so many products over the 13 years here.

I am a qualified ex Advanced Hair Stylist and Beauty Specialist and on my wedding day in Las Vegas decided I would do it all myself.  I was very stressed (getting married at 11.30am) and the time just flew and my hair would not go the way I wanted and I got all hot doing my make-up and so wished I had booked a professional.

If you really insist on either doing your hair yourself or if one of your guests is planning to do your wedding hair (even if they are a qualified hairdresser),  I strongly recommend that they use plenty of hairspray - and I mean plenty about 4 times as much as you would use back home.  In particular if you are having a slight side fringe as in the heat your hair will stick to your face or on the beach in a breeze will blow into your eyes and ruin your wedding photos. I recommend a climate control hairspray at the strongest level. Tresemme is the best I have tried but not easy to buy here so most of us locals ask friends to bring over from the UK. 
An alternative is Syoss (available in supermarkets) and one of the best available in Cyprus. Yes, our hair here can feel crunchy but it does keep your style in the heat.  It's like putting a film of plastic over your hair to prevent it getting damp which will cause it to flop.  Cypriot brides all use loads of hairspray.

For fringes, lift your fringe slightly away from your face and lightly spray hairspray underneath along the roots this will help keep the humidity from making your fringe flop.

Long Hair
If your hair is long and you love wearing your hair down and are getting married in the hot summer months but really can't bear to wear it up on your wedding day - why not choose a style where your hair is tied to one side or just part-up.  Add some pretty slides and you will look fabulous! Long hair worn down can become very untidy looking very quickly in the humidity, stick to your neck and your bare shoulders. Curls can also drop quickly as well especially in July and August.  The reason I highly recommend you book a professional here that is experienced and will have the right products for Cyprus.

If you are bringing over any electrical hair appliances such as hair straighteners, the electricity supply (240 volts) is the same as in England and majority of sockets are 3-pin.  However I would recommend an adaptor just in case you happen to have a 2-pin socket.  You can also purchase adaptors in Cyprus. 

My all time favourite fragrances are Gloria by Cacharel and Promesse by Cacharel both of course have been discontinued... why do they do this?

Although I don't wear it now, Gucci Rush always reminds me of my wedding day as I bought the fragrance in Las Vegas a couple of days before I got married.

Lighter fragrances tend to work better during the summer months. Take your time choosing a fragrance you really like for your wedding day as every time you apply it after your wedding; it will always remind you of your special day.  Alien is my favourite here.

Keeping cool and avoiding heatstroke
I have seen both young children faint and guests suffer from heatstroke over the years in particular at beach weddings during the hot summer months.

It is essential that you keep yourself hydrated and drink plenty of water. You can lose 2 litres or more of water a day in the heat and you need to replace it.

Avoid consuming alcohol before your ceremony on the day of your wedding and drink plenty of water. - yes boring I know, but worth it.
Also ensure you eat something light like a salad. This will ensure you will feel and look fabulous and prevent you from feeling sticky and sweaty.
You will avoid getting a headache and really enjoy your champagne later.

Protect babies, children and the elderly by ensuring their head is covered.

Parasols can look really pretty and protect you really well from the sun.

Handheld paper fans or battery powered fans can be great for your guests.

If you have any products you love and want to share them then I would love to hear from you.  If you have any questions, please just drop me an e-mail.

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