Why choosing your wedding photographer and/or Videographer can be so overwhelming!
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The questions on your mind must be:

  1. Who can we trust as we can’t meet them until we are in Cyprus, unless we visit?

  2. Are they a real business – are they legally registered?

  3. Are they experienced?

  4. Why are some so cheap, I have found one for 150 euros… read through below and we think you will find your answer.

  5. What happens if the photos don’t turn out?

  6. Will they edit the photos?

  7. Will we like their personality?

  8. What style of photos would suit us?

  9. Do we want traditional, natural, relaxed, documentary/storytelling, fine art, unobtrusive etc.

  10. They seem to be very expensive - how much will it cost us?

  11. How many hours do we need to book?

  12. Do we want pre-wedding bride and groom getting ready photos?

  13. Do we want sunset photos?

  14. Are we having speeches or 1st dance?

  15. Do we want digital images only?

  16. Do we want a wedding album or storybook?

  17. Do we want prints or a canvas?

  18. Will be meet our photographer/videographer before our day?

The list goes on and on…

The responsibility of a Wedding Photographer and/or Videographer is immense.  You only get one chance to capture a wedding and get it right.  You cannot go back and re-do the shoot again like in other areas such as family portraits, property and landscapes for example.

Working in Cyprus is very different with the hot and humid climate.  Yes, we are lucky in that we don't have much rain and its very sunny, but this can have its own challenges for instance humidity can effect the camera lens making it slightly foggy and also reduce battery life so its even more essential here to have plenty of back up equipment. Lighting is the key in good photography and bright sunlight can be harsh and bleach out many features at a wedding such as the detail on your wedding dress, sweaty faces and damp clothing on a beach requires a lot of editing in the studio too :) 

The wedding guests are often not used to the intense heat; they can feel faint if they don't drink enough water and especially with temperatures that can reach 40+ degrees on a beach plus the very young and elderly guests. 

Working as a wedding photographer, even though extremely enjoyable and a fabulous job being part of such a special day with lovely people with stunning scenery it can also be extremely exhausting. 
Never forget you are paying for experience and talent not just someone to take some 'pics' or a quick 'film'.

Behind the Scenes of a Wedding Photographer

We know the work involved including behind the scenes in post production.  It is very exciting seeing all the wedding photos being downloaded to the computer and can bring tears our eyes reliving the special day you have just captured.
But the long hours, sometimes working through the night editing thousands of photographs can again be pretty tiring.

If you have another wedding the following day - you do really need to get plenty of sleep to ensure you are on full form so when a bride and groom request their photos quickly this is not always possible, even a sneak peak requires time to sort and even choose a small selection from hundreds or a thousand more of images. The photographers priority is to treat every wedding as their first one and capturing each one perfectly is the most important. The editing has to wait.

The hidden costs
There are a lot of hidden costs in running a photography business (like there are of course with all businesses).  We have to purchase and service our photographic equipment – both cameras and lenses, have back up equipment, computers, professional monitors, software, social insurance, public liability insurance, accountant fees, marketing, VAT and taxes which all have to be paid for from the wedding fee itself.

Along with the fact most of the work is seasonal (around 5 - 6 months a year) so has to provide an income out of season during the winter too. Some balk at the price of photography – what 500 - 2000 euros for a few hours? No, it can be up to 40 hours or even longer of work (including editing, meeting our couples, admin and travel time/expenses) on some weddings and if a wedding album, or designing a storybook is required it all adds up.
If a photographer received the whole fee you pay (or any wedding supplier its the same), we would all be living the high life for sure and travelling the world during the winter months.
So do bear all this in mind when looking at prices - you tend to get what you pay for. 


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