Wedding Venues Tips

Decide what type of ceremony you see yourselves having. Do you want your ceremony to be private with just you and your guests, or do you not mind it being more public with strangers watching your ceremony? Do you want an outdoor or indoor wedding ceremony?
New venues are becoming available each year as needs from brides are changing and they are looking for something a bit different.

To save money book your civil ceremony at one of the Town Halls. The same civil ceremony held at a hotel will cost extra.
Other venues for civil ceremonies in the Paphos include Ethnographic Museum, Municipal Park, Lighthouse, luxury yacht, private villa, hotel chapels, beach coves, hotel terraces, golf clubs and many more.
For other regions try 

Ceremonies held at a hotel on the beach or near to a beach during June, July and August can be really hot. Brides often don't notice the heat, but the groom and the guests will, especially whilst they are waiting for your arrival. Choose a hotel venue that has a gazebo or covered area which makes a real difference.

If you wish to marry at a hotel, check the charges for holding your ceremony there and also check if different locations in the hotel are charged differently i.e. a gazebo, chapel or amphitheatre. Ceremonies held in a church or chapel are very popular here in Cyprus.
Many brides bring a CD/USB of a couple of songs with them to be played leading up their ceremony and for a short while afterwards.

In Paphos we have St Georges Chapel which is more contemporary and is air conditioned so perfect for the hot summer months.
Ayia Kyriaki Church (St Paul's Pillar) is a beautiful traditional church. More recently St Nicholas. 

Check the music policy of your reception venue. If you plan on having a DJ or a live band check if you can arrange your own and what time it has to finish.

Food and Drink (Tips)
It's a good idea (yes I know it boring...), but to drink plenty of water before you start drinking alcohol. Or drink a glass of water along side your wine or beer. This will make you feel much more comfortable during the hot weather. Alcohol will make you sweat and become dehydrated very quickly. You will feel warmer than when wearing shorts and a t-shirt to when you are wearing wedding attire.

There are many restaurants that cater for wedding receptions. Some are traditional tavernas serving a Cyprus meze (buffet) or we have many serving International food.

Eating outside during the summer months can be uncomfortable, so it's better to start your meal after sunset. It will still be fairly humid, but much better than earlier in the day.

If you are staying in a large villa you could always hold your reception there using outside caterers. This would be private and also cost less if you have a large number of guests.

Perhaps you are getting married later in the day and want to keep costs lower, your evening meal can follow straight after your drinks reception. A buffet is usually less expensive than a sit down meal.

See if you can bring your own wine (less expensive in the supermarkets) and ask how much they charge for corkage.

Have an inexpensive sparkling wine for your toast instead of champagne.

To keep costs down provide wine and beer for your guests at your reception and let them pay for any other drinks themselves.


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