Wedding Extras

Adding Extras to your wedding
Do think seriously what is important to you and your budget so it doesn't spiral out of control.

Here are some extras to think about.

Photography & Videography 

Well I might be a bit biased on this and this website is to help you.  Having been in this sector since 2006 and although we are only working part-time in this sector now we want to help you to choose a fabulous photographer and/or videographer in Cyprus as this is your lasting memory of your wedding day. 

Photographs can be passed down to your children and shared with your family. Following your wedding day you will still have your wedding rings, gifts and wedding dress but memories can fade with time and your photographs/film will keep your wedding day alive and are good to look at on each anniversary.

I assisted Jim for many years but did not appreciate how much hard work it really is.
Working in 40+ degrees of heat, high humidity with a camera around my neck, whilst trying to organise guests for photos, keeping my eye on the bride and groom at all times and trying to capture special moments by working in the background; keeping smiling even though I was desperate for a drink of water and often a quick cool shower. But having a camera in my hand certainly gave me an extra lease of life and I did enjoy our weddings even more.  Unfortunately, due to having a long-term rare health disease I haven't been able to assist for a number of years and no longer work and I really do miss it. 

Here are just a few tips for you:

Please don't skimp on your photos and/or video and use a professional. They are used to working in very hot and humid weather and so are their cameras! They know the best locations for sunset photographs and are used to working along-side wedding suppliers. They also help your day run smoothly and it flows much better.  Don't put pressure on one of your guests to take your photographs.  

Guest photography is not normally allowed during your actual ceremony as it distracts the person conducting the ceremony. In addition, using smartphones and tablets can hinder the professionals capturing some special moments, in particular seeing a lot of phones from the wedding guests seated which often hides their faces as well. Plus, when the photographer is taking a rear view to capture your wedding dress during the ceremony there can be so many phones being held up it simply ruins the shot. The photographer doesn't normally speak at this time so cannot ask them to stop and it's the same if you are having your ceremony filmed too.

Please ensure that your guests have brought 'fully charged' back-up batteries with them for their cameras as the hot weather and humidity can affect battery life.

When comparing photographers - do find the photography style you like the most first and go from there and not the price. Personality is extremely important too as your photographer becomes part of your wedding day and needs to be a real people person too.


Wedding Flowers
Fresh flowers for your ceremony and reception table settings are lovely.  To reduce costs have your flower arrangement moved from your ceremony to your reception venue.  Civil ceremonies last around 10 minutes. If you are getting married in white I would suggest having some colour in your flowers or greenery as it can otherwise blend with your dress.  Your florist will be able to advise you and also what flowers are available at the time of year you are getting married.

Wedding Cakes

These vary in cost according to the size, number of layers and the design you want.
A tiered wedding cake consisting of something different on each layer i.e. sponge cake, fruit cake, red velvet, chocolate etc. costs vary for a tiered cake and depends on how each layer is put together.

Check when comparing prices between suppliers. Your cake can be just decorated with fresh or silk flowers to match your theme. Cup Cakes are a great idea arranged in a display.  Great if there are lots of children at your wedding. Again, your wedding supplier will provide lots of ideas for you within your budget.

Venue Decorations
Check that your venue can supply vases and base your table decorations around them.  Some venues use goldfish type bowls where you can simply float flower heads in water.  A single flower in a small vase or tea lights in coloured holders placed on mirrors look very romantic.  There are many suppliers here that can dress your venue for you adding special touches that suit you and be able to offer you a lot of choice and things you had never even thought of having too.

Wedding Gifts & Favours
It's traditional to give flowers to your mum and mother-in-law at the reception.  But if they are not resident in Cyprus a small piece of jewellery is more practical.  The same for gifts for bridesmaids, flower girl, usher and best man.

If you're having a beach wedding why not give flip flops as a wedding favour.

Handheld fans are great for the ladies and will be well appreciated if your ceremony is being held outside.
A popular choice with the British is a lottery ticket or scratch card enclosed in a thank you card at each place setting at your reception.

There are a host of other extras too - a very short sample below.

Make-up, Hair, Wedding car, wedding tour buses, Limo, DJ, Singer, Fireworks, Invitations (Save the date), Photo Booth, Candy Cart, Magician, Greek Dancers, Love Lights, Dance Floor lights - the list goes on and on.

I hope you find the above helpful.

Best wishes


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