Weather and Public Holidays

Weather and how long should I stay?

April - October is the main wedding season but more couples are coming over to Cyprus to get married during the winter months too as the climate is so good and flights/hotels are much less expensive.

Cyprus is in the Mediterranean and benefits from short mild winters and long dry & warm summers. An average of more than 300 days of sunshine each year.  Along the coast and on the beach it is much warmer and becomes much cooler as you move inland towards the mountains.

Average temperatures below can be much higher or lower depending on whether you are on the coast or inland. Over the past few years weather has been changing and surprising us locals some months, even during April, September and October when temperatures have reached much higher.
During July and August the high humidity continues into the evening and can make it feel much hotter even on the beach if there isn't a breeze that day.


Day 17, Night 7, Sun hours 5


Day 17, Night 7, Sun hours 6

Day 18, Night 8, Sun hours 7


Day 21, Night 11, Sun hours 9


Day 24, Night 14, Sun hours 10


Day 28, Night 17, Sun hours 12


Day 30, Night 22, Sun hours 12


Day 32, Night 24, Sun hours 11


Day 29, Night 22, Sun hours 10


Day 26, Night 16, Sun hours 8 

Day 22, Night 102, Sun hours 7


Day 19, Night 9, Sun hours 5

March & April are pleasant months mainly warm and sunny with occasional cloud and rain and windy some days.
May is a lovely month in Paphos, the flowers are at their best and most lush, in full bloom just before full heat of the summer months starts to dry out the soil.
The beginning of June is the start of summer in Paphos. Rain is very unlikely from June until mid September.
By mid June we start using our air conditioning during the day and overnight sometimes as it becomes more humid, also in July and August.
By mid September it is still very warm and sunny, but less humid and more comfortable.  There might be some rain occasionally during this month.
October is still very warm sunny, similar to April with some cloud and rain. Some occur during the last week, but are often only through the night. 
November and December can be mixed, some years have been rainy others we have had more sun.

How long should I stay in Cyprus?

I would highly recommend 2 weeks or longer, leaving at least 7 days following your wedding to enjoy your honeymoon and relax. When you arrive in Cyprus there will be meetings with either your planner and/or wedding venue, wedding suppliers and finalising everything including legal documents.
When I married in Las Vegas, I arrived on the Monday night, spent Tues, Wed & Thurs sorting everything.  I married on the Friday, picked up my photos on the Saturday and was home again on the Monday.  Way, way too fast!!!  I didn't get chance to relax.  Well never mind we just had to go back a few months later for 10 days to actually enjoy Las Vegas. 

Public Holidays

January 1st               New Years Day

January 6th              Epiphany Day

Variable                    Green Monday (50 days before Greek Orthodox Easter)

March 25th               Greek National Day

April 1st                    Greek Cypriot National Day

Variable                    Good Friday (Greek Orthodox Church)

Variable                    Easter Monday (Greek Orthodox Church)

May 1st                     Labour Day

August 15th             Assumption Day (some businesses are closed for 7 days)

October 1st             Cyprus Independence Day

October 28th           Greek National Day (Ochi Day)

December 24th       Christmas Eve

December 25th       Christmas Day

December 26th       Boxing Day

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