KIND WORDS - thank you!

We wanted to share with you a sample of just one of the many emails received about our previous Paphos Brides website.
This was the final push needed to create this new website.


Firstly, thank you so much for your website, I did not know where to start with planning my wedding and you have
answered nearly every question in one place!
Again, your website is amazing so informative and refreshing that you freely share the
important information others charge €100's for. Thank you in advance 
Sian  - UK


 Reviews from Brides who married in Cyprus! 

Your website is relaxed and makes you feel at ease the way you have written it. It’s good to be able to get everything you need to know in one place and the information on there is very informative. I would have loved something like his when I was getting married in Cyprus as Facebook can be very overwhelming.
I think it’s very easy to use, the different sections you have breaks it down and makes it easier for brides to look for specific information. I think you have done an amazing job on it and it will definitely help so many brides to be.

Laura  & Ben - UK


Wow your website is amazing! It’s so full of all the information that you could ever need and more. The links to websites and to your own personal experiences are super helpful...I wish this had been around when I got married! The blogs would be a welcome addition to compliment the website and add a nice touch to introduce other suppliers, it's fab! Well done to both of you, must have taken ages!
Emily Rachel - UK

Help! I don't know where to start!
 Whether you have already booked, or thinking about booking your wedding in Cyprus, haven't been to Cyprus before or a guest at a wedding here you are sure to enjoy our website!

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