Useful info

If you are from the UK you will find you should feel very at home in Cyprus. We drive on the left and you will find road signs are in English as well as Greek Cypriot. The motorways (2 lanes - 3 lanes as you approach Nicosia) are very quiet.

Languages Spoken
Greek/Cypriot is the main language and English is widely spoken too.  Plus other international languages such as French, Russian & German.

Country Dialling Code +357

Currency - Euro

Tap Water
Water is safe to drink in Cyprus - I have drank it daily since 2006.
But you must drink it from a special water tap though that is separate to the main tap.
If in doubt check first.

Cyprus uses the metric system of weights and measures. Temperatures are reported in degrees Celsius, petrol is sold by the litre, grocery items are in grams and kilograms, fabric lengths in metres and road speeds and distances in kilometres.

All visitors arriving in Cyprus by air may enter only through the International airports of: Larnaca & Paphos (Pafos)

Banks in Cyprus
Open for the public from 08:30 to 13:00 some now later than this. Automatic exchange machines and ATM Machines (do check for charges i.e. JCC free standing machines) operate on a 24-hour basis. Certain banks are open from late afternoon.

The electricity supply in Cyprus is 240 volts, ac 50 Hz. Sockets are usually 13 amp square pin in most buildings like the UK. More than one low current rating appliance may be operated from the same supply point by using an adapter (i.e. radios, electric clocks etc.). The use of adapters for operating high current rating appliances is not recommended (i.e. electric heaters, toasters, irons etc.). Many hotels provide adapters upon request from the reception. Adapters can be purchased from supermarkets and DIY stores.

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