Choosing Wedding Suppliers!

Every single business whether it be a florist, cake designer, make up artist, hair stylist, wedding car, singer, dancers, wedding touches such as table decorations, lights, dance floor, wedding arch, chairs etc, there are so many elements involved to produce the end results. A few notes below but pretty much the same for all.

The fees they charge include much much more than you can even begin to imagine.

For example, a florist designs your arrangements, orders in flowers from say Holland, even drives to the airport to collect them, stores them in climate-controlled conditions, makes the arrangements, delivers them to your venue, then perhaps to your second venue, ensuring all the time they remain in perfect condition (especially when we have temperatures of over 40 degrees).  There are so many more hours involved than it appears, so the fee must include this along with their business running costs too.

A cake maker is the same planning, design, making your cake, delivering – I can’t begin to imagine the stress of travelling across the island with your cake; no time to remake it if anything goes wrong.  Then finding the venue has put it in the fridge… and it goes wet lol.

Then there are the collections after your reception which can be early hours of the morning collecting the large love lights for example and then getting them ready for the next wedding, cleaning, checking lights etc. and re-loading and setting up again. 

Again for hair stylists a trial is recommended as if you don't like it on the day I know from experience being a qualified stylist how difficult it can be once hairspray has been applied to try to brush it out and start again... yes and make up too removing it all to redo it can leave your skin blotchy and could effect the end results.  They also have hundreds of different styles to produce on each brides and bridesmaids, so a trial with a photo taken will speed things up on your wedding day too.

So please think when you are quoted a price you think is too high…

When I worked in the wedding sector, I have seen all this with my own eyes and I was amazed at the work involved in each business before, during and after the wedding day.  It was jaw dropping I can tell you. 
Never forget you are paying for experience and talent too!

Please note: Not all venues allow outside independent wedding suppliers on their premises and will only allow you to use those on their approved list.  So please check with your wedding venue before paying any deposits.  
Some exceptions to this are if you have booked via an independent Wedding Planner.  You can for example use an outside hair stylist or beautician 'off site' away from the venue and some will pick you up and take you to their salon and return you to your venue/hotel.

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